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Dog Days of Summer

Stay out of the heat this summer and call Claremore, OK construction company C&A Roofing & Construction. June, July, August and usually some of September in Oklahoma boast some incredibly hot days. These blistering times can last a day or two or carry on for a month or more. When there is work to be done outdoors, it certainly isn’t a pleasant feeling when it feels as though there is no relief in sight. Nothing beats the soaring temperatures like an enclosed patio or day-room attached to the back of your home. With our experienced construction team you can count on solid craftsmanship without having to sweat a bead.

boythatconstructionworkerlookshot-300x199If you’re looking to combat the heat by being more energy efficient, there are many tips and areas of your home’s construction to look at. Windows can be a huge energy sucker. Any poor seal that you may have can allow your cool air to spill out into the unforgiving summer heat.  You might want to check your seals or even consider installing new windows if your current windows are old or in poor condition. If you’re considering a replacing your roof, there are several options that also save energy while keeping you cooler. Cool roofs can make areas like the garage and covered patios more comfortable.

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