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Makeovers & Add-On’s

Remodeling a kitchen, bathroom, or whatever room you feel needs a makeover or face-lift, is a project we are all too familiar with at C&A.  It is a project that you expect to be done right with quality and professionalism.  With do-it-yourself projects that are unfamiliar to a novice, the potential for something to go wrong without a redo option is too great.  When you call upon a team of experienced, hard-working craftsman to approach the job, you not only get the best, you get completed construction.

makeoverAnyone who approaches a large project without backup is left to research for hours or try to pick the brain of a home improvement warehouse team member who doesn’t have but probably a few minutes to spend with a customer.  Typically the elements are not a factor for indoor jobs, but they are very much a factor when you are talking about add-on’s or extensions.  Even on the smallest jobs, frustration and hurry may creep into the work on a DIY project or even work completed by an independent, small contractor.  You don’t want to come back a few years later, or worst case scenario, a few months later, and find that the job needs to be revisited and more time and money sunk into a job that should have been done right the first time.

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